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About us

KONSEPT ISTANBUL is an innovator, practical and service adopted company for people loving fun. We are the first and pioneer company in the business, specialized creating new concepts and launching new perceptive in the entertainment industry in Turkey.

KONSEPT ISTANBUL  is founded on 2010 as an affiliate of SANAT YAPI Co. which has 150 Million turnover. It has 2 main business line, Project based turnkey contract construction and gas station construction. Also it has main share of Prime Shopping Mall in Sivas, Turkey.

KONSEPT ISTANBUL  welcomes thousands of people in its three branches each year with ‘Macera Adası’ and ‘Lazer Arena’ brands from 2010 up to now.

We also design, consult and follow up different projects for a lot of different Entertainment Centers guiding different investors.

We are also able to operate directly under our brand names enhancing the quality of service they offer their customers.

On middle 2019, we invest on E-Commerce, www.karakterdukkani.com specialized on License Product sales which has cross market share with Macera Adasi playgrounds.